Teambuilding 2016

Day Out September 2016

On the first week that we came back to Youthreach in September Janet our co-ordinator told us that we were going to go to Coole Park. We all said ???? what …what are we going to do down there? Well as it turns out quite a bit. She was given us a puzzle sheet, which had loads of different leaves that we had to find around the park.

So to the day itself. We got a bus from the centre, headed out at around 9.30. It took roughly an hour and a half to get there. Altogether there were about 20 students who went. There were different trails you could take through the park and we decided to take the blue path. The walk took us about an hour and a half, and we got to sit down beside the water for about 10 minutes, which was lovely.

On the puzzle there were plenty of leaves to be gathered, about 18 in total. We were split into teams of 5 and given a zip up plastic bag to put our leaves in. It was actually really enjoyable. It was a cold kind of day but being surrounded by the huge canopy of leaves and huge trees around us, we weren’t long warming up. By the end of the walk, the sun had come out and it was time for lunch. We had made our sandwiches before we left the centre, and Pauline and Marie handed out taytos and chocolate bars. It was a really enjoyable easy day and we were home again at about 2 o’clock so we had a half day!