Student Testimonials

Students Testimonials

Students over the years have written some reflections/testimonials why not see what they have to say about Youthreach as a programme and what their experiences were like in Galway City.


Tesimonial- Ruth Howard

When I being to write this I realise it has now been 10 years since I first started at Youthreach in Galway….. A lot has changed since then. But I’ll take you back to the start.

I never dreamed that I would leave secondary school. I always thought that like anyone it was a great way to see my mates every day and do a bit of work in between. I did my Junior Cert and did ok and never really put proper thought into the Leaving Cert but always knew it would be something that would have to be done EVENTUALLY…. but things changed and I left before I could finish never thinking twice about my decisions (and would be a big regret for a long time afterward).

I want to say things were easy afterward. THEY WEREN’T. But the universe/god/guardian angel/someone were on my side. Someone I know had heard about Youthreach and did a bit of investigating….to read more click here for the word version  ruth testimonial and here for the pdf version ruth testimonial

Testimonial- Matty Costello

So this is my long overdue testimonial for Youthreach Galway. I’ve been saying I’d do this for a long time but the reality of my current situation since finishing my level 4 in Youthreach is that I finished college with a degree, I’m a high level athlete and strength coach trying to stay on top of his game and I’m running my new and first business which is not a easy task (at least for me anyway).

Let’s go back in time to when I was 16 and let’s just say school just didn’t work out for me, I wasn’t good at it, I didn’t listen and I most certainly didn’t want to be there when I was there. This may be a bit of an issue when you know you need to go to college and get a degree to have a better life. This lead me to finding Youthreach were I spent the next 2 years working towards my level 4.

What Youthreach thought me straight off was that I need to at least attend to earn my money or like anything in life you would be docked money, I also needed to behave and do the work given to us or again I would be docked. Continue reading  by clicking here matty for pdf version and matty here for word version

Testimonial- Past Student

  • Everybody hates ya. – said the boy.
  • But I haven’t done anything by anyone. – said the girl.

Those words stuck out to me one day on a miserable bus journey, they came from a what in my eyes appeared to be a little boy, but considering the amount of swear words that came out of a child like face I had no other choice but to face the reality and put headphones on my daughter’s head. The conversation carried across the bus, where each and every word echoed with accentuated “F”s. As much as I hate to eavesdrop, given the volume of their speech the whole bus had no choice but to participate. The story went on, the boy was catching on with a girl that failed her Junior Cert, and somehow ended up in Youthreach.

Long story short, I felt for her. I felt the burden of everyone’s unexplained hate, as once in my life it felt everyone hated me too. What people need to understand about Youthreach students is that every and each one of us has their secret. Please, don’t misunderstand- these are not secrets that can be easily written in pink fluffy journals like it is often portrayed in teenage glam tv shows. The secrets that I am referring to would very often break an adult. At the very young age, we teach ourselves to hide it, and we hide it behind our image of “whatever”, our cigarettes, drugs and alcohol that aids to numb the unfairness of it all. Adults are fragile, now imagine a teenager. In Youthreach we are not judged for it and for the first time in our short lives we are given a chance, even if it means facing our secrets head on with countless tears in the counselling sessions…to read the rest of this testimonial click here….pdf version ..testimonial...testimonialword version

Fiachna’s Personal Reflection


Growing up I had never considered myself an artist. I remember my childhood, when little eight years old Fiachna would churn out carefree drawings and questionable origami (wonky paper snowflakes) about once every hour. As time came to pass I found myself becoming more involved in academics, somehow persuading myself that I wasn’t going to waste my time drawing or engaging in any artistic endeavour for that matter.

I can’t remember exactly when it happened but one day I remember saying to my step father (after being asked to “do a nice little drawing” for him) that I wasn’t good at drawing and I didn’t want to. This was the first in a series of foolish errors that led me to believe that I was truly incapable of being an artist of any sort. I suppose I must have had some awareness that being a little creative was good for me as I did used to enjoy writing little stories, making silly maps and just generally, sitting absorbed in imaginary worlds of my own creation.

Anyway, at the age of 14 I was in the process of moving school from Tuam to Galway, at this point in time I think it would fair to say that I was very depressed. I had almost no hobbies and even less of a social life, that is, excepting my one ray of light in an otherwise dark, cold world; my weekly drama classes. Looking back I believe that had it not been for the kindliness, acceptance and encouragement that I received from both the teachers and students at that drama group, I might not be here, writing this very sympathetic reflection……to continue to read his reflection click here Personal Reflection by Fiachna..for pdf version and here Personal Reflection by Fiachna..for word version..

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Our Testimonials Booklet- 2017

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