Textiles 2017

My Finished Piece for Textiles

Shane Kilkenny Conlon


For textiles I have to do an functional piece of work in order to achieve my QQI level 4 award. My textiles teacher Mary and I sat down and discussed what we felt would be a good idea for this. Lots of discussion later and I decided that I would go with a blanket for my son.

I looked at some blankets on google of completed work so that I could get a design which I thought would be good for my son. I did this by looking through google images for what I could do my functional piece on and looked through some Disney characters and decided to choose Mickey Mouse.

I choose to put his name on in Lego blocks I found both ideas on google images to make my functional piece. First I started by using the projector because I needed to trace the image onto paper which was attached to the whiteboard, I then transferred it onto paper. I choose yellow cotton material for the background, I used red, orange, blue, purple and yellow for Cody’s name. I drew the Lego blocks onto paper and pinned material to it and cut out the shape of the blocks. I choose to make each Lego block and letter for his name to be a different colour to really make the blanket colourful. I used a zig zag stitch to sew on the Lego blocks this took some time as I had to use the sewing machine. This took some time as I had to get the stitching correct on the corners. You would believe how difficult this is. After I finished sewing on the Lego blocks I cut away all the loose treads and extra materials.

Next stage was to get Codys name onto the blocks. I had cut out his name earlier and I used a regular (straight) stitch to add the lettering onto the blocks. Then I used wadding and black cotton material for the back of my piece of work.  I placed the black material down then placed the wadding over the top of the material. I placed pins in the material to hold it in place while I set up the machine to a straight stitch and started my stitch taking the pins out as I went along, after I finished the stitch I cut the two top corners I then turned it inside out so the wadding was in the inside of the material. I ironed and pinned down the extra 2 inches of black material on the top of the blanket and sewed it on in a straight stitch and finished it off by cutting away all loose bits of tread and material.

Then the big challenge arrived and that was adding Mickey Mouse onto the front of the blanket. Each part of Mickey Mouse was put on separately.  I cut out each piece and put it on one by one as if I put it on all at once there would have been a lot of creases in it, when I had the head sewn on I then had to put his face on top of it but before I done that I sewed on his tongue and then sewed on his face and cut around the mouth so his tongue would show. I then sewed on the whites of his eyes which was very tricky as there was much room to work around, the rest of it was took a lot of time and work to finish I used all the same colours Mickey Mouse should be after all as I was going to put different colours on him.

I am really looking forward for the external exterminator to come in to the centre and look at my piece so that I can bring the piece home and put it in the cot with my son.

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