Work Experience Reviews 2017

Work Experience Review 2017

by Debbie Donovan

As part of my QQI level 4 full awards. I have to do a report on two work experiences. One for 1 week and one was for 3 weeks. Out of the 2 work experiences I have to have 10 days done. We go out for a 1 week in February and 3 week in June/July of any year.

For my first work experience which was for 3 weeks in June/July I wrote down 2 or 3 places I was interested in which, was Petworld, retail shops in Galway and a homework club in Ballybane. I wrote down their addresses and contact numbers. I did some research on retail and looked up on the internet shops near my estate.  I went into Supervalu and Gala. Gala was the only one that would take on people doing work experience. I got my mentor to ring and make an appointment. I had to bring up my CV, cover letter, health and safety and insurance. I met the boss Danny Quinn. He told me what I was going to be doing around the shop like stacking shelves, cleaning and helping people around the shop and if I needed any help just ask Dave and Jason the supervisor, I told him I will be starting in 2 weeks.

On my first day I had to be there at 9am I was there at 8:50. I think it is important to be on time. I had to dress appropriate. I wore pants and top that they had advised me to wear. I brought my work experience journal to write down what I did throughout the day. When I went into the shop I met Dave he showed me around the shop and introduced me to the other staff. He talked to me about the safety rules, where the fire escape was in case there was a fire. He told me to put up floor signs when something spills on the floor in case someone slips and get hurt.  I had to take instruction from 2 managers; their names were Jason and Dave. They worked different days so I had one manger a day. They gave me my duties every day. I knew I had to follow the instructions. There was 2 other worker in the shop that I had to work along with. I enjoyed working with all the staff. They were every good fun and easy to get along with. As it was a local shop I knew the entire customer and could interact with them. My duties included stacking shelves, cleaning the fridges, helping customer with their questions and also helping the customers find what they wanted it the shop. I also found that I was relaxed around people so I definitely improved my communication skills

I enjoyed my work experience. I found the staff in my work experience very supportive and I felt like part of the team. I would recommend everyone at some stage in their lives would do a work experience in a retail store and see what it is liketo deal with customer’s every day. People may think it is easy but when you are on your feet everyday this can be very difficult if you are not fit. I have decided that I am going to walk every day to bring up my level of fitness so if nothing else I will be much fitter. Would I do this for a full time job answer is NO…I do hope though to pursue a course and hopefully a job in childcare.

Work Experience Review

By Lara Taylor

As a part of my level 4 award in Youthreach we have to complete a minimum of ten days work experience in a business of our choosing. We are given three opportunities to find work experience, five days in February and three weeks in June. It is a part of our core module and we can’t achieve our level 4 without it.

I looked into a few different businesses on the internet in my area that I thought I might be good at but as it was a small town there were not very many options, I looked into supermarkets, cafés, a kennel and the quilt shop in Tuam. My first choice was a dog kennel called the dog company so I found the number on the internet and phoned them up and spoke to the owner John and asked if he took people on for work experience and if he would be willing to take me on for two weeks and he said he would be more than happy for the help and to come in to meet him soon. I then called the Quilt Shop Tuam from a number I found on the website, I called and spoke the manager Eva and she told me they do take people on but the owner was not there and she would call me back with a time to come in.

I found there was a huge difference between the dog company and the quilt shop, I felt there wasn’t a lot to do at the kennel and was left struggling to find anything to fill my time, whereas in the shop I had lots of organising and stock taking to do that I really enjoyed because it kept me busy and I was always really happy with the results of my work. There was more health and safety in the quilt shop as there was a lot of sharp utensils, hot irons, cords and chairs.

In the kennel a lot of the health and safety was to do with the dogs themselves but they were all well trained and I have always had dogs so I feel I didn’t learn much except that if you hold the skin on the back of a dogs neck they won’t shake. While in the quilt shop I learnt I really enjoyed working with all the beautiful materials and being able to make so many things. I feel I will definitely continue with textiles in the future.

I really enjoyed doing my work experience because I feel though I’ve had worked in the past it was good to experience different areas of work to ultimately help me find what I wanted to do but also help me build my confidence and help me to gain a wide range of skills. I think the work experience module is a hugely important aspect of Youthreach and is a invaluable skill to explore early on in life.

I would definitely recommended work experience in the quilt shop to someone who enjoys art/textiles because of all of the pieces on the walls I feel really gave me inspiration to explore all that the world of textiles can open up. I felt it was a really good work experience as I learnt a lot about working in a shop and I really improved my organisation and communication skills. I was able to be myself and enjoy the experience. After Youthreach I think I will do the art portfolio course or a course in GCC for a year and then continue with my education.

I think my work experience in the quilt shop helped me reaffirm myself with art and design after a long time I really enjoyed it and felt if gave me a taste of a possible future to come.

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