YSI – 2014 – Project

Following on our first YSI project 2013 this year we decided on looking a very local issue of the relevancy of homelessness in are area and the fact that most people are focused with blame on their wrong doings more than sympathy towards their awful living situations. Time and time again these poor people are being belittled, ridiculed and criticized for their bad life choices and because of this a lot of them think that their is now way out because of this though I like to think our project tries to get the message across that they actually can pull through and make some sort of life for themselves.

Our Project-

Add NewThis project deals specifically with youth homelessness (people between ages 15-25) and looks at the fact that not all of these issues are to do with them specifically taking alcohol and drugs, there should be obvious reasons that a lot of people may have problems at home to do with parents, sibling rivalries and unwanted abuse at the home.

What we have done so far –

Articles on true life stories..

Application to the Den –

What we are working on for now..

Our presentation

Our Artwork and Photography
Check out this link to see what we did for our fundraiser




Home is where the heart is

Man on a Bench

Man on a Bench


Awareness, Prevention, Empathy


Our Slogan: Don't walk by, Look them in the EYE..

Our Slogan: Don’t walk by, Look them in the EYE..

Our Notice Board

Our Notice Board

Places we visited

Places we visited




We have been selected for the YSI Showcase 2014 in Dublin on May 7th 2014. We are excited to be preforming our presentation in Citywest Hotel in Saggart to all the other participating schools. We will continue to raise awareness on youth homelessness.
Aoife Redpath

Following on our Win in our section last year we are very excited to be on the short-list again this year..Check out our results so far….

Our Project Results:


YSI Result

YSI Project Result


Our Presentation Results:

Presentation Speak Out

Presentation Speak Out


If you want to see what we are up to on the YSI Hub http://hubsi.ie/index.php?option=com_community&view=groups&task=viewgroup&groupid=2103&Itemid=187.


To watch our video click here:


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