Y.S.I. March 18

Nearly at the Speakout!

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It is March and the Y.S.I. project presentation is around the corner. We as a team have been working hard to finish up all of our great work, whether it may be the art-work or our fantastic 2 minute iMovie clip on our innovation.We have been making our little card game for the day which we have put a tremendous amount of work and effort into, the presentation that the judges will have read and looked at the night before the presentation day has been all written up and finished. All of our costumes and hats have been nearly completed. Everyone involved in this great opportunity and amazing project has been delighted to have it so close to being all completely finished and we are all proud and eager to show all the other schools what our project is all about. Bring on the speakout on the 14th March in Ballinsloe.

To check out our early progress check here

Check out our iMovie below