YSI – 2012 – Young Social Innovators

What is it?

Young Social Innovators is about young people like you and I in Ireland coming together to make a difference in your community and to the world. We become a Young Social Innovator working together to find out about a social issue that’s of interest to us.

Why get involved?


Getting involved in Y.S.I is fun and you develop your talents through finding a solution to a social issue.

We can make a difference to our community and learn new skills for our life and work plus we will be certified as a Young Social Innovator! Click here for information on YSI if you want to get involved. We in this centre use the YSI Hub to share ideas and resources with other groups doing projects. So come on everyone lets start sharing ideas click on the link http://www.youngsocialinnovators.ie/index.php/Testimonials/ and see what others are doing.

Our Project…

In our project we chose a topic that we cared about and co-operated to come up with a solution to our social issue. Our plan is to make a change by promoting anti-bullying awareness and providing solutions to those who are feeling bullied. At the moment we are staying local and staying within our own Youthreach and we are having an ANTI-BULLYING awareness week. For example we are launching an anonymous anti bullying box where students can report bullying anonymously, we are also doing group activities to build trust amongst each other so we know we care about each other as a group and look out for each other. We will be communicating our message through our Blog and local media such as Galway Bay FM and other Youthreaches. By wearing white silicon wrist bands we are giving the message that we are a strong team who don’t tolerate bullying. For our fun activities we are going to make Christmas Logs and we will be going carol singing for COPE (help for the homeless). See the timetable below.

Here are some of our pictures on Bullying
pic-1 pic-2 pic-3 pic-4

Our Bullying Box.

pic-5 pic-6

For all other pages regarding our Y.S.I project click here, here and here.

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