Youth Connect Visit 2016

How many of our followers know about Youth Connect? I am guessing not many. Well you have clicked on the right page, you will find out some basics from the youth connect visit to our center.

A lady called Maria O Shaughnessy arrived on Wednesday 6th April to tell our students all about Youth Connect and how this organisation can help and support our students with regard to the world of work.

How you may ask! Well firstly about their rights in the work place.

Do you know...

  • what rights you are entitled to in school and at work?
  • what a written statement of employment is and why it is important?
  • all workers are entitled to receive a payslip?
  • what the minimum wage rate is?
  • who is on your school student council and how it works?
  • the conditions in which your clothes and accessories are made?
  • how trade unions work?

Well Youth Connect have the answers. Do you want help and answers in relation to your work experience module, this lady covers issues such as globalisation, equality and inequality within the workplace, other topics such as unions and what they can do to help, and of course your rights as employees and employers rights within the workplace.

When it comes to your hourly rate of pay..Check the updated amounts for your age group

Minimum hourly rate of pay 2016 % of minimum wage
Experienced adult worker €9.15 (was €8.65 ) 100%
Aged under 18 €6.41 (was €6.06) 70%
First year from date of first employment aged over 18 €7.32 (was €6.92) 80%
Second year from date of first employment aged over 18 €8.24 (was €7.79) 90%

Any other information that you might need in relation the the above information you can get at the citizens advice..Click here to find out more

So are you interested? Click on this link and you will find some helpful tips and ideas for your students..

Youth Connect


Maria O Shaughnessy Youth Connect Champion in the West