YSI Showcase 2015

Well we had a great day. A very early start for the nine students that went with 3 members of staff, but it was a fantastic day. We will be telling you all about it sooooon. But for the time being click on the link here to read a little bit about the day ysi win 2015

Here is our article

Youthreach YSI Showcase 2015

By Ingars and Jakub

Chris-Donoghue Newstalk with students

Chris-Donoghue Newstalk with students

Our big day was here it was Wednesday the 6th May and we were getting ready for the bus to leave Youthreach centre, it is 6.30 in the morning and some of us are here in Liosban waiting for it to arrive, when it did it then had to go to  Ballybane and pick up two people. After that we drove to Oranmore and got two more people, after that there was two left to pick up in Athenry. After we picked up the last two people we drove to Dublin to reach our final destination which was the City West Hotel, on the way to Dublin we stopped at Applegreen to get some breakfast and tea.

We got back on the road and we drove to the City West Hotel. When we got to the hotel the bus driver parked the bus, we got out and made our way towards the entrance, Jaki our YSI teacher went in to the registration. When Jaki came back she gave us wrist bands and that was our way of getting in to the hotel to be part of the showcase, when we walked through the first gate we saw bouncy castles and other activities and thought this could be great for later on in the day for activities, after those lovely thoughts we then made our way to our first presentation.

The minute we walked into the room we were shocked, so many people, the noise and more than all of that we were excited. We were called and as we made our way to the stage  we looked down at all the students and we said to each other let’s get this presentation on the road, we did great and at the end of the presentation we were asked questions about our project, we were all nervous coming on stage and we did so great and we had to go do our presentation again in front of the sponsors. I must admit we were told in the centre that because this was our third year at YSI and that we had gotton to the showcase before we knew that we were going to be doing a second presentation at it was going to be in front of the sponsors of YSI.  This was very exciting for Galway City Youthreach.

In the meanwhile we had about 2 or 3 hours to do our presentation again and our group went out to the hotel and we did a lot of fun stuff there, there was a rock climbing wall, a bouncy castle and there was a silent disco.

When we went to do our project for the sponsors we walked in and there were a lot of posh looking people and there was the representative of Vodafone and there was Sister Stanislaus who talked about YSI. We were one of the three groups that got picked out of all the other groups that were there, we were so proud of it and so nervous while doing the presentation everyone congratulated us after the presentation, we finished our presentation at the sponsors and we made our way back to the bus to get back to Galway.

We were all so tired that all of us slept of the bus because we all woke up early to go to Dublin. We got back from Dublin and we got back to the centre and we went home. The next day we came back to Youthreach Jaki announced that we had won the presentation for our category, a few days later a lady came in and gave us our award and we all took a picture with it, we all felt so great and proud about the fact that we got so far and that we won, there was over 8 groups that were in our category and we felt so good that we were picked the best.



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