Y.S.I – Speaker 2017

Matty Costello – Entrepreneur


Matty on the left with some students

Reflection on our speaker

By Colm Ryan

As part of our YSI Project 2017-2018 we invited a past pupil to visit and talk to our present students.

Matty  is a highly experienced coach and programming expert in the areas of Powerlifting, strongman and strongwoman. He is also a qualified engineer and works in security firm. To find out more about him click on his website here

He spoke about what it was like to a former Youthreach student. He said that he did find education, sitting in a seat, listening, and assessments difficult. He found Youthreach difficult his first year but his second year he got more confident and found studying and the programme to be  better and that in the end going to Youthreach helped him get through G.T.I and G.M.I.T.

He said that to get through the assessments and things you need motivation e.g. money or whatever you feel will drive you to do well. He said that if you went through the G.T.I & G.M.I.T process, you could get yourself a job that pays like €600 a week with possibilities for a promotion instead of not doing the G.T.I, and G.M.I.T and getting a job that pays only €300 hundred a week and being stuck doing that for the rest of your life. He said that even if you didn’t want a job that has to do with your degree it was good to get the degree because you at least have a back up plan for if your original plan in life fails. He said that when deciding what you want your career to be it is best to choose a job that you enjoy so that when ever your working you are always having fun and you look forward to a day at work.

He is now a qualified engineer, and fitness instructor and he reminded us that our start in life may be Youthreach but that does not mean that you won’t succeed. He felt that sport and activities were very important as well. Getting even 10 minutes of walking would help keep our minds fresh for work that we have to do in the centre.

He left us with this thought anything is possible if you have drive and motivation and the desire to succeed…He also said when he looks back at his time in Youthreach that he was very glad that he had come and started on his real education.

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