YSI – 2013 – Updates

YSI Updates…..



We finished our rap on Bullying and we are now making a video to go with it which we will be putting up on YouTube..The rap rap was written by Meryln Bredican and the team involved in the acting stages for the video included Callum, George, Ciaran (our cameraman!!!!), Michael Mc, Michael G, Saoirse was our video editor, Adrian were our main people involved in our production…

We are now at the stage of writing up our YSI report. Our report can you believe needs to be wait for it 6000 words..No problem for us so we split into teams to cover the topics…Topics include “Why we are passionate about our TOPIC ANTI BULLYING”, How we worked as a TEAM to make a CHANGE, How we communicated our MESSAGE to others and what we have learned. We also have now gone live on the YSI Hub…address here:

When we get to March which will be SOON we will need our project uploaded to the YSI website at http://www.youngsocialinnovators.ie/ by the FIRST of March lots to do….Our “SPEAK OUT”, which is 2 minutes on stage in Galway in the Ardilaun Hotel http://www.theardilaunhotel.ie/ this is where we get to present our project..

Watch our video


We will find out how we did at our SPEAK OUT…

NEWS NEWS NEWS: We did really really well in our SPEAK OUT RESULTS..We got excellent in 6 out of 7 categories and 1 very good. We are delighted to say that we have been selected to present at the SHOWCASE in City West Hotel on the 8th May 2013. The category that we are in is HOW TO KEEP HEALTHY-MENTAL HEALTH and we are ONE of EIGHT in this section…We ARE VERY excited…click her to view our results of our project YSI Panel Feedback

You can also catch up on how we did our presentation in the Ardilaun in Galway by clicking on this link



Showcase in Dublin..The Big Smoke for US..Yes we will be in Dublin for the 8th of May to present our project…

4 responses to “YSI – 2013 – Updates

  1. the food is fan-tas-tic, the teachers are soooo nice, people in here are sound. we get laptops, we work hard but in an easier way than school not as rushed and less stress, we get enough money at the end of the week to go to the cinema with friends or just to save up. when im in here i never want to leave !!!

  2. Congratulations to Youthreach Galway on winning their category in the YSI Showcase in Citywest from Arklow Youthreach

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