Zenimar 2017

Our Group at Zeminar 2017

Read a quick review of the day by one of the students


My day at Zeminar in Dublin

By Ivy

A team of 13 of us left Galway at 8:40 am on a bus to the RDS in Dublin for Zeminar, 3rd October, the bus journey took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes until we arrived at the RDS and got off the bus outside we ate a small bit of our packed lunch and went inside we couldn’t find the entrance at first, when we walked in there was so many things go see we looked at the time table for the day .

After that we were allowed to break off into our own groups and go around the two halls to explore everything, there was plenty of activities, games and fun things to do to win goodie bags and competitions and  stuff to see and colleges and other options for after leaving and QQI level 5, we played games like  trying to put as many balls in boxes as fast as you can and there was a car that was controlled to simulation what a car rolling over would feel like for the Irish RSA  there was a stall that painted your nails also a Youthreach in Ballymon in Dublin and there café tads all around the place it was exciting and fun to walk around and learn about companies and other business’s through games and fun I wouldn’t mind going again ! On the return journey was quiet and fun, I fell asleep but the trip back was a bit shorter about 2 hours and 35 minutes over all it was a nice trip and a fun day!